Newington, CT

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doodle Evolution

OK, so here's the scoop. I want to give a progression of how I did one of my non-digital drawings. But in order to do that it requires some sort of back story....
I have an awesome ass friend named Faye. Faye decided to suck and moved to North Carolina, which is far far away from me, for some lame ass job that eventually laid her off.   After a few years, Faye got a job at a tattoo studio  down there and met a super rad tattooer named Jason Ryan Fields (you can check his stuff out here)  Jason found out that I had a huge love of dinosaurs and really blasphemous things so one day he did a watercolor and sent it to Nautilus Tattoo without me knowing. I came in one day and began to smoosh my morning muffin and BAM this bitch showed up in the mail:

So after crapping my pants with sheer elation substance, I felt like I needed to do something equally sweet.  I had found out that he had survived testicular cancer and that was pretty much all I needed.
So I began sketching, while at my shitty part time job. So instead of doing my job running the customer service desk, I neglected my duties of selling lottery tickets to jerk ass dick holes and  drew this little ditty up:

Then I did a more polished version the next day:

Unknown to me at the time, I had used a thermafax paper to transfer this onto watercolor paper... and I quickly found out that shit IS NOT water proof... so eventhough I intended on doing a white background it turned into a purple background and with the help of the always awesome Tammie at Nautilus.  She let me use some deeper purples and blues with her watercolors:

Then I used some of the prisma markers from the awe-inspiring Stretch , who by the way is a tall guy with an amazing personality and heart,  and finished the rest of it and then ta-da it was done. I got the address to the shop that Jason was working at and sent it off to him without him knowing the wiser. This is what he received in the mail:

So thats it... I probably won't do this evolution very often, mostly because I am super lazy and this took a long time to do, and by long time I mean 20 minutes.  The reason why it took that long is because I am doing this while watching Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds is a fucking badass show that is sweet, and when its on it means that anything else I am doing becomes neglected, hence this post.

I will keep posting art that I've been doing lately. I have a few more pieces I have to do for friends who have given me some amazing art and I must return the favor... hint hint Mr. Page