Newington, CT

Thursday, December 22, 2011

No fucking idea

8 by 10, watercolor

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Refuse To Sink....

A while ago I was asked to draw a tattoo for David Page.  I did probably 6 different versions of it.  This was one that didn't get picked that I really liked.  I was originally going to give this to my sister and her fiance for Christmas, but on my dad's 70th birthday he was rushed to the ER.  Everything got straightened out but I figured this would be a more appropriate gift for him for his birthday.
 Watercolor, 4ish by 2.5ish

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuesday Rat Tail Tony Ship

I did this ship for my counter guy rat tail tony for christmas.  Hope he likes it, if not he's fired.
watercolor, 10 x 8

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Calm Down

I just finished this one up... So far its my favorite that I've done as far as the subject matter and final outcome.
Watercolor, 14x18

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prehistoric Snail

I've been having a good friend of mine and amazing tattooed named Orrin Hurley tattooing my armpits and this last session Orrin had asked me to paint him a snail.  This piece was completely out of my normal style and comfort level.  Also adding onto the pressure of doing a painting for one of the artists I look up to was stressful.  This is what I did for the dude.  I'd recommend everyone go and get tattooed by this man.
watercolor, 14ish by 18 ish

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stranger Danger

Ok, so I finished this new painting the other day for the Plan 9 Tattoo 'once upon a time' art show.  It was by far the biggest endeavor to date in regards to actually painting but more so with the prep of it. What I mean is Stretch and David had the idea to do a painting as if its laid out for a tattoo.  So I had to first draw the sketch then had to stencil the designs onto the hands of my good friend Jim:

Then I had to stencil on a full throat piece onto Stretch.  This was a little nerve racking to do, but I feel a learned a huge amount by this... And yes that is a Joe Capobianco chest piece and backpiece!

Once I got everything stenciled on and photographed, I now had to start the painting.  This is what I came up with.  Its 25 x 21.5 and is watercolor:

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Evil Within the Melody

Just finished this guy up the other day.  Its for my good friend Charlie Altman.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to Charlie a few years back and he is an amazing friend and an even better online insulter.  Anyway, he announced he is moving all the way to New Zealand indefinitely.  It suck, but that is life.  I painted this as a going away present to him.  Good luck Charlie, remember you'll always have a place to crash and take huge dumps at in CT.

14 by 14, watercolor

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chaos Breeds Discovery

I was re-reading the novel "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk for probably the 5th time.  I came across this quote "Our real discoveries come from chaos".  This resonated with me...a lot.  I would not be currently in Connecticut with my new life and and path if it weren't for the unfortunate passing of close friends.  I can't imagine what would of become of me if I had stayed stagnant in Chelmsford.

This is what I painted:


I would recommend to read this book.
I'll leave you with this:

"We'll be remembered more for what we destroy than what we create."   Invisible Monsters, Chuck Palahniuk

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tammie Does Seattle

So, about a year ago we hired a tattooer by the name of Tammie.... Turns out she is super awesome and likes making fun of my mother and she also lets me draw giant dicks on her arm.  She is unfortunatly moving to Seattle with her boyfriend.  I'm sad,  but I painted her something.
She painted me something.... Goodbye work-wife

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kostechko Doodle

A watercolor I did for Nathan Kostechko. Super rad dude who also does super badass tattooes, who is also working on my chest piece.
22 by 15, watercolor on 300 lb watercolor paper.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doodle VI- SexTurtle

I finally got to finish this guy.  I sketched this up maybe 6 months ago and then lined it maybe 4 months ago. I was holding out starting to paint it because I wanted to wait until I got a better grasp with the watercolors.  This is what I came up with.   7 by 10 watercolor:

Key Series #3

A doodle for Alex Vidaud (  I've been friends with Alex for a number of years and was able to work beside him for 2 and had the privilege of getting tattooed by him...a lot. I started getting tattooed by him back when he was an apprentice.  Now I am getting some of those very pieces lasered off... FUCK

But anyway I did a key for for him.  I did a vintage themed key and snagged a goodwill price tag for it and bought the frame for it from goodwill too.  He's a fan of ugly sweaters and thriftstore tchotckies too.  So here it is.  Its probably 10 by 13 inches and done with watercolor as well!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Davids Dagger Doodle

Ok, so this one needs a lot of back story.  About maybe 2 years ago we hired David Page at Nautilus Tattoo.  Super nice dude who does amazing tattoos.  Kind of reminded me of Buddy the Elf with a love of horribly offensive jokes.   One day David was showing me his folder of drawings that people never came in to get tattooed and he pulled out one that gave me a boner.

So about 3 weeks later he tattooed it on my stomach.  The outline took about 6 hours to complete. This is what it looked like:

I love hair bras by the way... Anywho, we never got to finish it because David moved back to St. louis maybe 2 weeks after we got the outline done.

So maybe a year and half passes and I stayed in pretty constant contact with David.  He ended up painting this super insano painting and I got this in the mail one day:

  Its massive, its colorful, its just my type!

Then I decided to get my stomach fucking finished.  Enough time had passed and figured should just man up and have it worked on again.  SOOOOO I booked a flight down and had myself an appointment.  But I was determined to have something equally awesome painted for David.  So, I started sketching and after working for a few weeks I had this painted up:

I mailed it off to him and a few days later I got an email from him pretty much saying "THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! I LOVE IT!  YOU NEED TO BE TATTOOING WITHIN A YEAR"

This is definetly my biggest undertaking so far with watercolor.  Its probably 18 by 25 inchs... maybe bigger.

p.s.  as a side note I flew down to St louis and got tattooed for 12 motherfucking gump ass hours!  This by the way is what I looked like, a completely fried out individual who had no idea or comprehension of what was going on by the end of this session... Thank you David and I hope to see yea back at Nautilus and working beside you once again!

Doodle V

A fun little rose watercolor, probably 3 inch by 3 inch.  I did a wash of Tobacco Brown over it first and was happy how it tinted everything.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just for Charlie...


that is all

Friday, February 18, 2011

Key Series #2

So here's the second installment in my key series. Its based off of my newly acquired house key. Its my first apartment I've had on my own and thought it would be fitting. Even though I live above a dentist office and can hear the x-ray machine going off intermittently every morning. I'm hoping for mutant powers to come from all of the radiation.  Come on mouth and chin enlarging powers!
Again, no idea size and sorry for the glare,... blah blah blah

Key Series #1

So I've been backlogged with other stuff, mostly drawing and watercoloring so I have a few stuff to post. First I've started a series of watercolors that are key themed. Why?  Because I want to be fancy and artsy and deep and all that other stuff that people do to seem with it and hip. Right?  Regardless if I've hit the perverbial nail on the head or completely missed and have smacked my hand with a hammer, here is the first key in my series:
No idea the dimensions maybe 4 x10 ish... who knows, who cares.  Again sorry for the glare in the black.

archetype doodle

So this Christmas, I was given a super generous gift of a complete set of Dr. PH Martin watercolors.  My first real attempt at a watercolor was this:

Sorry for the glare on it. Still getting the hang of photographing this medium.  I have no idea the dimensions of this one because I am lazy and don't want to measure it.  I'd say around 6x12 ish sounds about right.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Doodle IV

I did this guy a few months ago. I've just been too lazy to actually do anything about it.  This one is called "Business as Usual"  Its digital at 18x14.   The molecular structures are serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline.  Yup, that's about it.  Oh and I was approached by MENSA to use this image for part of their centerpiece for their holiday gala...  that one came way out of left field.